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Turkey Time is our favorite time of year at the farm.  These birds have quickly become a favorite here at Walnut Creek.


During the 2018 and 2019 seasons we raised both Broad-Breasted Bronze and Broad Breasted White Turkeys for Thanksgiving. We had very successful seasons, selling to both local customers and a local chef.   

For Thanksgiving 2020, we will be raising more turkeys than ever before.  We had an overwhelming response to our turkeys, so we will expand to accommodate more of our customers. Just like our chickens, our turkeys are raised and exist solely on pasture. They forage on plants and insects and have lots of room to roam.  We supplement with a non-GMO feed from Ernst Grain & Livestock. This feed is locally grown and sourced in nearby Clearspring, MD. 

Our turkey reservations have begun!  You may hold your spot by making a deposit here.

We understand that your holiday plans seem so far off. And, also may be very unknown given all that is going on in the world right now.  But, if you think you will be hosting a Thanksgiving Meal and can do so, please consider supporting a local, Loudoun County-grown turkey.  

By making a deposit now, you are doing more than "holding your spot".  Your money will go to purchasing the high quality, locally sourced non-GMO feed with which we supplement our turkeys.  Your deposit will also go towards the cost of building new turkey houses/coops. While they spend the majority of their time on pasture, they do like to have a dry place to escape extreme weather. Lastly, we are growing a high quality product.  A lot of time and care goes into raising turkeys.  We keep our customers in mind as we raise these birds as close to their natural environment as safety will allow.

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