Farm Garden

We started our 2020 farm garden long before the weather started to warm up. All of our plants are started from seed. We use only high quality, non-GMO seeds and heirloom varieties.

This spring we had a multiple plant sales, where we sold started seedlings for our customers' home gardens. There was such a great interest in this, that we plan on continuing this offering to our customers. 


If gardening for yourself is new, welcome!  We will try to answer your questions and give you some tips.  Many vegetables can be successful in pots!  You can grow something even if you have a small space!  We are happy to send along helpful videos and websites, too!  Just let us know!

If gardening isn't for you, but you would like some fresh vegetables from our garden this summer....stay tuned!  We anticipate many for sale!

We hope to be able to offer many of our farm-grown herbs with our turkey sales this fall. If you want more information about our turkeys, be sure to visit our turkey page.

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