The Farm at Walnut Creek was founded in 2017 when our family purchased and moved into the historic Walnut Creek property.  The Walnut Creek property is a bit over 17 acres today but was considerably larger when it was founded sometime in the late 1700s.  The stone farmhouse which still serves as the primary residence was built in 1800 and the stone bank barn in 1808.  The house and property have many stories and the families that lived here actively farmed the property until at least the 1970s.  In the 1980s the history of the property gets a bit jumbled and it's in this time frame that the property started to return to the wilderness.     

Our family was interested in farming before we found Walnut Creek.  We had some chickens at our previous house, but something clicked as we walked around the property at Walnut Creek.  We wanted to bring the old farm back and regenerate the fields and the land.  We wanted to learn how food was produced and how it could be grown sustainably and ultimately we were excited to prove that all of this could be done and profitably.


We believe that food ultimately reflects where it came from.  To grow great food we need a great ecosystem.  The ecosystem starts with the microbes in the soil and works it self up from there.  To this end we do not use pesticides or herbicides.  We do not use growth hormones or geneticially modified organisms.  We treat our animals with respect and do our best to keep them as close to their natural environment as safety will allow.

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